Instructional Wiki
Due Thu, Oct 8th

This group project requires the creation of a collaborative wiki that exhibits various instructional strategies. Group members will select and conduct research about instructional strategies and explain how these strategies can be used to improve teaching and learning. All information will be posted on the wiki with examples and specific application of each selected strategy.

The wiki will be comprised of an introductory page, a minimum of one page per strategy (one strategy per group member) with a detailed description demonstrating knowledge of that particular instructional strategy, and a reference page for all resources to be cited using APA format. Each wiki page should have at least three of the following components: graphics, clip art, video clip, hyperlink, pictures, tables, charts or other means of demonstrating competence with the technology tools.

Each group member will also evaluate another member's wiki page and will provide that peer evaluation as a comment to the member's wiki page.


Instructional Strategies

Please visit this site to get basic information about Marzano's well-researched effective instructional strategies: Marzano's Nine High Yield Strategies

You are expected to do further research on your selected strategy. The strategies are all effective, but since this class focuses on instructional technology, please be sure to include ways these strategies can be enhanced with technology.

Wikispaces How To's (also use HELP at the top right)

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  • Basic Editing Video (view the video here)
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Sample Wiki

Sample wiki from previous class (not necessarily "A+" work)


Group 1 (Gray) Wiki: CA, KC, RG, TH, GJ, MM, NP

Group 2 (Blue) Wiki: SC, IG, CL, CMM, CO, AJR, JW

Group 3 (Tan) Wiki: DC, JG, CM, KM, LO, AR, KR

What to turn in
- URL of your created wiki page
Please submit your project via Canvas prior to the beginning of class

Grading Rubric for this project - please see in Canvas