Collaborative Lesson Plan
due Thu, Nov 12th

This collaborative team project requires teams to select the topic of a lesson to be developed based on selected K-12 Sunshine State Standards and/or Common Core standards as well as NETS-S. The lesson plan must be focused on one grade level that addresses a minimum of one Sunshine State/Common Core Standard and one NETS-S. The lesson plan must integrate the usage of educational technology for instruction and must provide a written evaluation/critique of the selected technology software and/or web-based resources utilized for the lesson. The lesson must address one of the educational research theorists and explain how the lesson adheres to one of the research theories of learning. In addition, the lesson plan must include adaptations for ESE students and adaptations of culturally and linguistically diverse students.

  • Lesson Planning PowerPoint

What to turn in (use Word or PDF format):
1. Lesson Plan (be sure to incorporate all elements in the grading rubric) - NOTE: Since this is a collaborative project, all team members should be submitting the same document with the exception of #3 below which is the only place that it should differ. Please do not indicate which section(s) of the lesson plan each team member contributed unless needed in the collaboration rubric.
2. Materials associated with lesson plan, including assessment (i.e., rubric), links or details of instructional technology, etc.
3. Collaboration Rubric (see below - completed and submitted individually for each team member)
5. Submit your project via Canvas no later than due date (i.e., prior to class start).

Grading Rubric for this assignment - see in Canvas